Market Page

Breaking down the elements of the market page

Market Data

Here you can see the market question, event time, volume, liquidity, the date the market expires and the currency the market is traded in.

Volume: Volume is the sum of all shares that have changed hands for a particular market. Both Total volume for the market and 24hr volume are displayed.

Liquidity: The amount of funds added to the market's pool. If there's no liquidity then you won't be able to buy shares. Low liquidity may result in a higher level of slippage.

Expires: This is when the market will go into settlement and an outcome will be reported on.

Order Ticket

The order ticket is the section where you compose your order.

Buy/Sell: Choose whether to buy or sell shares in a particular outcome.

Fee: Fees are paid to the liquidity providers on every trade made.

Outcome: Choose which outcome you'd like to buy or sell.

Amount: Enter how much you want to buy or sell of your chosen outcome

Slippage Tolerance: Slippage is the expected % difference between the quoted and executed prices. Low liquidity can cause increased slippage.

Average Price: The difference between the market price and the estimated price due to trade size.

Estimated Shares: The estimated number of outcome shares you'll receive.

Max Profit: The maximum amount of profit you stand to make from this trade.

Estimated Fees (shares): Fees are paid in shares. Here you get an estimate of how much will go to the market creator and liquidity providers.

Price History Chart

Line chart showing the price history of outcomes over time.


The positions tab displays information on your net holdings in each outcome.

Outcome: The outcome(s) which you own.

Quantity Owned: The number of shares you own for this outcome.

Average Price Paid: The average price you purchased this outcome at. This is calculated by the total cost divided by number of shares.

Initial Value: The total value of all shares when initially purchased.

Current Value: The total current value of all shares at their current price.


The liquidity tab shows information on any liquidity you've provided to the market

LP Tokens Owned: Number of Liquidity Provider tokens you own in this market

Initial Value: The total value of all LP Tokens when initially purchased.

Current Value: The total current value of all LP Tokens at their current price.

Market Details

These are the terms that specify any details on how the outcome should be determined. This is the fine print of Augur markets.


Transactions is a list of all actions that have taken place on that market.

Trades: These show users swapping their USDC for an outcome token (placing a bet) or trading their outcome token for USDC (selling their bet).

Adds: This is when liquidity providers have added liquidity to the market.

Removes: When liquidity providers have removed their liquidity from the market.

Total Value: The total value of the transaction.

Share Amount: The amount of tokens traded when referring to trades; or the percentage of Liquidity Provider tokens in relation to the pool - when referring to liquidity.

Account: The address of the account that made the transaction.

Time: Time since the transaction took place.

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