Tracking Your Liquidity

Keep a track of your Liquidity Provider Tokens

you can keep track of your liquidity either on the market page or the Portfolio under the Liquidity tabs.

Share of Liquidity Pool: The percentage of Liquidity Provider Tokens you own for the market.‌

Initial Value: The total value of all Liquidity Provider Tokens when initially purchased.‌

Current Value: The total current value of all Liquidity Provider Tokens at their current price.

Why do I have a positions after adding liquidity?

You may be given positions in order to maintain the current outcome prices.

When you add liquidity, you begin with an equal number of shares equal to the amount of collateral you added.

These shares are then added to the liquidity pool in such a fashion that the individual prices of each share in the pool stays constant. This means that higher priced outcomes must have fewer shares added, leaving you with a position in that outcome.

The net effect is that when adding liquidity you will have a position in the higher priced outcomes at the time of adding.

If you would like to add all these shares to the pool, it would require swapping your position. This action incurs price impact from trading in the AMM, so augur doesn't do it for you automatically.

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